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    Recording Software Simulation using Epiphan VGA2USB




      Can someone help me with an answer for the below question:


      I have one question : How can we Record Software Simulation in Assessment mode in the following scenario :



      1.laptop 1 has Adobe Captivate installed and is the source recording machine



      2.laptop 2 has the software for which the recording and simulation needs to be done but this does not have captivate.



      3. We use Epiphan's VGA2USB device to perform screen capture from Laptop 2 to Laptop 1 using Epiphan Capture Tool software.



      My Question is : How can we get the clicks done on Laptop 2 be recorded using Captivate on Laptop 1, so I can capture the recording in Assessment Mode.





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          Anjaneai Srivastava Adobe Employee

          Hi Raghu,


          Firstly, we do not recommend to record a different machine using a remote client, as there could be issues with latency.


          If both machines are in same domain/intranet, you can use the Remote Desktop Share and while recording choose an application to record from list as RDP Service, readjust the recording window and start capturing.


          Captivate would capture the events from Application listed which in this case would be RDP, I have not personaly used VGA2USB, if it can recreate a similar scenario you can test that as well.