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    File manipulation:  Where is the edit?

    Baron Dave R

      I can, with a little effort, find a single photo I've just imported, then I can edit it.  Nice.


      Then what?  It seems to exist in the Touch app, and the Touch app alone.  I can't move the photo into another folder, even one created in Touch.  I can't upload it to FB (which is why I got the iPad in the first place), and the edited photo doesn't appear in the Photos app.


      Where is the edited photo?  How can I move it?


      I called Adobe Tech support, and no one there was trained in Touch and so couldn't help me.  I hope someone here can.

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          Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

          You have to export a project to see it in your Photos app. Browse to your project in PS Touch. Tap the export icon in the upper right as shown in the screenshot, then tap, "Save to Gallery." (Might be different; I'm on Android here.) Select your project(s), choose a file format, then tap OK.



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            rtan73 Level 2

            On the projects menu you can save it to your gallery or "share it"(icon with a square and arrow). I don't have a Facebook app installed so I don't know if it will show up in the "share it" menu. My Dropbox, Gmail,  and Evernote are there so I assume Facebook would be listed if I had it installed. You can share it with  jpeg, png, psdx, and psd file formats. If you save it to your gallery it is limited to jpeg and png.


            You CAN NOT access the working file directly, but have to save an addiitional copy in another location that CAN be accessed. It's a little unconventional but I can easily change my workflow to accommedate it.


            Also, I'm on version 1.4 and don't remember if 1.3 had this feature. In version 1.2 I wasn't able to "share it" to Dropbox. I'm also on a Galaxy Note 10.1 but assume it would be the same on an ipad.


            There are some instructional videos on Youtube on how to use PS Touch.

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              Baron Dave R Level 1

              Thanks, though on the iPad my choice in that pulldown menu are a) Share to camera roll b) Share... c) Copy to iTunes (I guess I have it connected to my main Mac).


              That's still a long route.  I have to

              a) Take the photo with my camera

              b) Import to the iPad

              c) Find the Last Imported in PS Touch

              d) Edit in Touch

              e) Go back a screen (above), rename the photo and send to the Photo App

              f) Upload from the iPad Photo app.


              Note:  The PS Express app lets you upload to FB from the app itself.


              And all the individual photos will just be hanging there.  How do I group them, or put them in one folder or project?

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                rtan73 Level 2

                What happens you you select b)share? It might open another menu with more selections i.e. facebook, gmail, and so on.


                If you select the folder icon on the projects screen you can create a folder to place projects in. Then you would select "move projects" (under the same folder icon) and select the ones that you want to move, then the folder you want to place them in.


                Unfortunately the way PS Touch functions you would only be able to do this if you had previously openned each photo in PS Touch and saved it so it will show up on the projects page. I wish images could directly be openned in the app without having to open or create an exsisting file.