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    12/7/2012 - Flash Player 11.6 Beta

    chris.campbell Adobe Employee

      Flash Player Beta Channel Update

      The weekly Flash Player Beta update is now available for direct download and automatic installation via Background Update.

      The latest version of Flash Player Beta is available here: http://www.adobe.com/go/flashplayerbeta

      For full details on our new features please see our Release Notes.

      New Features:

      • Full Screen Permission Dialog UI Improvement

      Changed the location of the permission dialog to the middle of the screen. Also improved the user experience when going into full screen mode by adding the "Cancel" button.

      • Graphics Data Query

      Developers can read the structure of the display object and vector data at runtime. Game developers can use this feature to create complex Sprite Sheets, or exporters for any file format (e.g. SVG) at runtime.

      • Notable Fixes and Enhancements:

      3302748 - Firefox becomes unresponsive when playing "Park Master" at freeonlinegames.com with Protected Mode enabled.

      3300864 - [Mozilla 775357] Fixes a random hang in Firefox that affects a small number of users

      3367994 - Fixes performance issue observed on Dungeon Defenders when using Chrome Pepper.

      3368009 - Fixes a text performance issue on Mac 10.6.8 running Chrome Pepper.

      3308573 - [Chromium 138366] Fixes an issue where the camera/mic permissions dialog was not clickable on Mac with Chrome Pepper

      3309699 - Camera stretched on Windows when camera is set to dimensions of 2592 x 1944

      3372045 - _width and _height not working after loadMovie on Windows

      3350899 - Flash shows white screen as Webcam Feed

      3330019 - Live MP3 streams not working after latest update on Mac OSX with the NPAPI Plug-In

      3352179 - SWF tag DefineBitsJPEG2 does not render JPEG image data after 11.4.402.287

      3334000 - Corrects an issue where the Allow Interactive Full-Screen dialog was incorrectly sized on Windows when a SWF was published with Hardware Acceleration disabled, when viewed on a machine using the NPAPI plug-in after Flash Player 11.4.402.265

      3362789 - Images not loading with new flash player

      3163043 - Videos do noot loop correctly since Flash Player 11.2.  (aka Last Video Frame not displayed/Last Video Frame stalls)

      3298256 - Fixed an issue where in some instances, the Slow Script warning caused the browser to hang when using ProtectedMode for Firefox on Windows

      3340511 - Corrects an issue where Output Protection did not work correctly with multiple monitors

      3360459 - Corrects an issue where content requiring Output Protection did not play on a Retina Macbook Pro Internal Monitor

      3371795 - Fixes an bug on WinXP x86  with Chrome Pepper where Chrome would hang when trying to select text in Flash content.

      3354115 - Fixes a performance problem with HDS streaming playback that only occurred when using the Software Decoder with StageVideo.


      We have moved to a rapid beta release cycle using "Background Update". We encourage you to subscribe so you can get the latest and the greatest Flash Player without a single mouse click. You may also subscribe to our Twitter channel @FlashPlayerBeta to stay on top of the current release schedule updates.


      You can find instructions for getting started with this release here: Flash Player 11.6 Labs Page


      We encourage you to let us know what you think over on our 11.6 Labs forums