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    Is there an Eclipse Plugin/API for Photoshop .jsx editing?

    dgolberg Level 1

      Like the title asks... does anyone know if there is a plugin available for Eclipse that will assist with the editing of Photoshop .jsx script files?  The ESTK that comes with Photoshop isn't exactly the greatest tool for editing the script files and I've actually found it to be more hinderance than help in some cases.  I've been using Eclipse for my recent adventure into Java programming and it's been a great help for not only learning Java, but also for speeding up the writing of known code as well.  I have found a couple of generic JavaScript plugins, but nothing that has the Photoshop API.  Anyone know of any?

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          DBarranca Level 4

          As far as I know, ESTK is the only one that can code-assist you except for Extension Builder (an Eclipse Plugin by the way), which hinting is far more precise than ESTK. Easy peasy...


          Alas, EB code completion is limited to DOM in Actionscript, so if you're willing to write ExtendScript code I'm afraid you've to stick with ESTK.


          Personally, I don't even write code there - instead I use a text editor (like TextMate or Sublime Text) and paste the code in ESTK for debug (actually I write coffeescript so a third part editor which compiles in JS is a nice option).



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            dgolberg Level 1

            Interesting.  Your post got me looking again and I found something from Adobe called Flex Builder 3.  I apparently don't have the right version of Eclipse to use it properly, but it did lead me to the Eclipse JS editor which, while not exactly what I'm looking for, it is more helpful than the ESTK as far as navigation.  I can simply select a variable and it highlights all instances of that variable in the function(s) it affects (just like it does in regular Java).  This in itself makes it more useful to me than the ESTK as my scripts seem to be becoming increasingly elaborate.  Additionally, it helps keep track of the variables and alert me if they are unused or improperly initialized (such as initializing it inside a loop then calling it outside of it.


            While not exactly what I was hoping for, it is still an improvement over how I have been doing it, so I'll probably end up doing like you do, DBarranca, and write/edit in one program then copy/paste to ESTK for the debugging.  Thanks for the idea at least!

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              Michael L Hale Level 5

              You can also just open the same script file with ESKT and whatever other editor you wish. When you save a change made in your favored editor ESKT will prompt to update it's version. I find that more helpful than copy/paste.