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    problem with gotoAndPlay calls skipping

      I have a game I am making. It is a simon type game. The computer plays notes, and the player must copy. Then the computer plays more notes, and so on. Also each time the computer starts a new series of notes it plays faster. Each time a note is played an animation is played.

      When it is the players turn, the player can go as fast as he wnats, and if he plays one note the animation starts, then if he hits another note before the animation is finished it starts a new animation, which is exaclty how it should work. As I said, you can go as fast as you want it is fine. But when the computer goes, as it gets faster and faster, it appears to start skipping the gotoAndPlay calls. I don't understand why the player can go as fast as he wants, but the computer cant. Anyone know what might be going on?

      If you want to see the game so far (only single player mode works) navigate to:

      search for "rockstar battle" and click the link (for some reason it is putting my 'search' in the link there, so just make sure to copy the link above instead of clicking on it)

      the problem occurs in the 3rd and 4th rounds btw

      Thanks for any help!!