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    Dreamweaver and Java SE 6 Runtime problem on MAC Mountain Lion OSX

    martiantime Level 1

      I have a problem with dreamweaver. I really love dreamweaver for building web pages and have used it for years with a PC.  I recently switched from a PC to a MAC but I find that when I open the Dreamweaver app for the first time I get a prompt that says something like "You must download Java SE 6 runtime, would you like to install it now?"   I click yes, and the download fails.  I called Apple about it, they said the software resides on Oracle's Java web site, and its out of their control.  I go to the Oracle Java web site it says "Apple supplies their version of Java SE 6 runtime and there's no way to download it from the Java.com site.  All this means is that YOUR software does not work on my MAC because these two companies can't agree on who suppies this software.


      What I need to know is HOW DO I GET DREAMWEAVER TO WORK?  How do I get around this crazy *** catch 22 situation?  And why doesn't your software recognize Java SE 7 runtime?