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    Scale & place .oam in Edge oh and Loop?

    David Healy Level 1

      How do you scale an Edge Animate file when you are exporting from Edge like you can when you Save for Web... from Photoshop? 


      How do you scale an Edge file in Muse?


      Can you place an .oam file into Edge? I want to have a little animation moving around in a bigger animation.


      Where do I specify that I want the animation to loop either when it a HTML file or a .oam?


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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

          1. No - EA does not off a 'scale' on export. You have to realize the nature of EA - its markup is pure html elements (aside from imported graphics) so there is noting to scale. However you can 'resize' the stage and elements directly from the Properties Panel.


          2. I am not familiar enough with Muse, so I'll leave that to others, to answer.


          3. No you can't import .oam files into the same project. However the functionality you describe is there, but will require a little pre-planning. You can export Symbols from any project file and reuse/import them into any other project file.


          4. To loop an animation, is done within the project file itself, before you package it to an .oam file.

              Please consult the In-App lessons for some of these features.




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            Dan G. Level 2

            Just chimin in,


            Darrel I think your #1 answered #2.

            At any rate to confirm, an EA file is not scalable in Muse.

            The only propertity you can customize in the .oam file within Muse, so far as I can tell, is stroke.

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              David Healy Level 1

              Thanks Darrell.


              I am still new to Edge. Can an Edge file be converted to a Symbol and that file placed and transformed (ie: scaled, rotated etc) in another
              Edge file?


              Let me know if there any links to learn about Symbols in Edge.


              On the off-chance that something obvious in the code below let me know. This is in the Edit HTML window in Muse:


              <iframe src="http://www.first-image.com/_anim/MSF_anim_Edge/index.html" width="600" height="600" scale="20%"  frameborder="0" scrolling="no">



              I had tried the "scale="20%" but the size didn't change. It seems like a loop function should be able to be entered in code here too.


              Thanks, David

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                elainecc Adobe Employee

                Hi, David-


                To answer your second question, you can select all of your elements and convert it to a symbol, then export the symbol and import into another Animate composition, where it will behave like other symbols.  Hope that helps!