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    Digital Editions scanning ebooks nothing to do with it

    sjpt Level 4

      I use Digital Editions to copy borrowed library books to my eBook reader (Cybook Opus, but I don't think that is relevant).

      There are also many other books on the device, which have nothing to do with Digital Editions.


      When I start Digital Editions and connect the device, it spends ages looking around books stored on the device

      outside the Digital Editions directory, and making lots of annotation files which have no value to me at all.

      Meanwhile, it refuses to get on with its job of copying my library books to the device.


      Is there any way of preventing this antisocial behaviour by Digital Editions?

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          Let's start with your understanding of what ADE is supposed to do.


          ADE does several things, and a description of what it does is included in

          the HELP section.  It will interface with sources for ebooks, interact with

          certain ereaders listed in its list of supported devices


          and your Cyborg ereader is not on the list.


          I am somewhat confused by your statements concerning ADE's management of

          ebooks on your "device".  ADE runs on your computer, not your ereader, so I

          don't know how it would be interacting with the ebooks on your device.

          Since the Cyborg is not a supported ereader, is some software loaded on

          that device labelled 'Digital Editions'?  If so, it is not from Adobe.  I

          have seen some postings that tell us Digital Editions is stored on their

          ereader, but that is false.


          Library ebooks have digital rights assigned to them by the publisher,

          distributor, library or author.  ADE (on your computer) checks the settings

          to confirm that the permissions will allow an ebook to be copied to an

          ereader.  If the permissions will not allow that to happen, the ebook can't

          be copied, and that sounds like what may be happening to you.


          All in all, ADE is really not guilty of 'antisocial behavior'.  It's a case

          of unwinding what's going on and trying to figure out what to do about it.


          Hope this helps!


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            sjpt Level 4

            Thanks for responding. 

            The Cybook is on the supported list (listed under Bookeen Opus), and is basically working correctly with ADE.

            The DRM is behaving properly; I am able to download library books, transfer them to the Opus, and read them.

            It's an irritation that I need to use ADE to perform the transfer, but I can see that is a necessary evil associated with the DRM.


            I realize ADE runs on the computer, but it connects to the device (connected as G: in my case) to do the transfer.

            It quite properly performs operations reading and writing to its directory on the device.

               G:\Digital Editions\Annotations


            Here is where my problem starts.

            When ADE makes that connection, it also searches on the device (without asking), and finds for example the book

                G:\eBooks\Austen, Jane\Emma - Jane Austen.epub

            This is not a DRM book, was not placed on the device by ADE.

            Nevertheless, DRE creates a file

                G:\Digital Editions\Annotations\eBooks\Austen, Jane\Emma - Jane Austen.epub.annot


            I think the purpose of that extra file is to say whether the epub on the device has been read on the computer via ADE,

            and if so how far (and any other info it wants to keep).

            I wouldn't be too worried by all these extr .annot files, they aren't too large

            and are hidden away in a directory that doesn't hinder normal reading.

            Unfortunately, ADE takes huge length of time to create them, and performs extremely badly while doing so.

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              Frustrated in AZ Level 4

              That's a new one on me.  I have other ereaders (Literati and SONY), and ADE

              doesn't check anything on those devices....


              Somebody else?