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    Floating/drifting objects


      Hello all,


      I am trying to create a screen that involves circular images that are simply drifting around slowly in space, confined within a circular area. There would be simple collision detection to the extent that the images do not overlap eachother.  This could be a loopable video, or a coded environment that allows them to drift around forever. I am just looking for the most straightforward way of accomplishing this.


      I may choose to incorporate physics, in that the images can be pushed with the mouse to bounce off of other images, but this is a secondary goal; I primarily just want to create the environment that allows the images to float around.


      I am hopeful that there is a template somewhere on the Net that will allow me to swap in my own images or objects for the default objects in the template. I have seen this done before with Flash pulling from an XML file of objects with images associated with them. I am not married to HTML5 for this operation; whichever language or program will make this the easiest will be the one that I go with.



      Any help is appreciated. Thank you!