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    My Premier Pro CS6 has suddenly started skipping frames during playback? Need Help.


      Have been using the software Brand new out of box with no issues at all for 3 months now. I turned on my computer yesterday and needed to edit some video, and noticed everything in my timeline, and even all my previous edited sequences and EVEN anything in My VIDEO BIN,  are all skipping a frame about every second or two when I watch them on the monitor, source monitor, multi camera monitor, any window Premier offers, Its jumping.  It has NO effect on the Audio at all, just video is jumping.

      This makes it nearly impossible to know,  how my video is truly looking like. Again, has not done this since I bought it. So the computer was fine , is new, and powerful, but just one day, Pooh. Any thoughts, Thanks.


      ALSO: My After Effects works fine on playbacks, and anything in there does not skip or jump.