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    Is anyone else making svg cut files with Illustrator?

    Path It Out

      I am hoping to learn more about using Illustrator to make svg cut files. I have a cutting machine (Silhouette SD) and have been making cut files with Illustrator to use with it. I hope to, at some point, sell my files so they have to be perfect. I have run into some problems however. My paths are being read as outlines and giving me an unwanted double cut. I went on line to see if anyone else has been having this problem as well and to my surprise I found that many people are using other software packages (MTC, SCAL and Inkscape) instead. So here are my questions...


      1. Is Illustrator the best software for making SVG cut files and why either way?

      2. Is there a place where I can learn more about making SVG cut files with Illustrator?


      Thank you in advance for any input on this topic.