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    Premeire Elements 10 - Blank DVD


      I have been using PE 10 for some time and have done several projects.  When I burn it says that it is complete but the DVD is blank.  I have tried to burn a folder and that works.  I tried to take that folder and burn the DVD but, I wasn't able to figure out how to use imgburn yet.  The current project I have won't burn to DVD but, I was able to burn a Blu-ray.  Two different drives.  The project I had was over 2 hours long so I cut it down to under 2 hours still wont burn.  No error messages.  I even went back and tried to burn a project that I done in the past and it wouldn't finish the burn and stuck at 99%.  Is there software that is incompatible with PE 10? 


      Any help appreciated.