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    Project Does Not Open Due to I-Frame


      I frequently switch between a school computer and a home computer both with the full CS6 installed on them. When I try to open up the project I was working on at school, at home, it gives me the error

      The project contained a sequence that could not be opened. No sequence preview preset file or codec could be associated with this sequence type

      I have come to the conclusion that this is happening because of I-Frame. When I create a new sequence at school, it automatically sets the Option under "Video Preview" to "I-Frame" (Not 100% sure if it's the codec or preview file format.) but when at home, I don't even have the option to make it I-Frame. When I change the sequence settings at school to "Microsoft AVI" it can open fine at school and at home. If I open a project that works at home with Notepad++ and search for "I-Frame", nothing comes up. When I open up a project that doesn't work at home and search "I-Frame" there are multiple instances. For example:


      <MZ.Sequence.PreviewRenderingPresetPath>EncoderPresets\SequencePreview\9678af98-a7b7-4bdb- b477-7ac9c8df4a4e\I-Frame Only MPEG.epr</MZ.Sequence.PreviewRenderingPresetPath>


      So my question is, is there any way to get I-Frame on my home computer or change the project to not use I-Frame via Notepad++(Or similar program?) because I don't have access to a school computer over the weekend and must finish the project by monday.


      Thanks in advance,

      Jake Sully