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    Installation problem of evaluation version of Photoshop


      Hi guys


      I have tried downloading Adobe Photoshop CS6 to evaluate and see if it will meet my needs (I expect it will - user friendliness is my big question). Now, the download failed and I cannot undo what has been done and need your help.


      My system is configured with a small SSD for my C: drive which is ONLY intended for the operating system, drivers and system type files. All programs are *meant* to go to my large (Tb sized) D: drive. However the download decided to use my C: drive, didn't check to see how much space was available (about 10Gb) and has failed to download as it ran out of space.


      I have 190Mb left which iis critically low and cannot find where Photoshop has gone! Can you tell me the directory it will have created so I can delete it?

      Some programs insist on using C: and I have Adobe reader and Acrobat which are on C: but no sign of Photoshop under there. What directory name should I look for to delete?


      Also, how much space do I need, so I can delete or move some other files off to D:?




      Cheers, Brett

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          BrettCupitt1 Level 1

          Hi John


          Thanks for your incredibly fast reply.


          I backed up all my Adobe products to D:, downloaded that tool and ran it. Although I selected option 7 (CS6) it insisted I run 1. (All). I let it run but it did not seem to find whatever downloaded as  part of the trial software.


          I am now down to 62Mb free space on C: which is bringing up all sorts of warnings and I know that the Photoshop s/w will be taking about 10Gb - if I could only find it. Do you know what directory it is put into, or a file name I can search on? I don't have a lot on C: and scanning through the Program directories shows little I am not familiar with. I am at a loss as to where it has gone.


          Do you have any other ideas about where to look to find the files downloaded so far?


          Also, what is the total size of all files for the evaluation? I had 10.6Gb free when it started out - I know my drive is small SSD (60Gb) and I have a 128Gb SSD just waiting to go in when I get Windows 8 onto it. But for now I need to locate those downloaded files - any thoughts?


          Cheers, Brett