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    Unable to sort by filename in PSE11 Organizer


      I notice that in PSE11 Organiser, it is not possible to sort images by "filename".  As this is such a fundamental feature in any file manager, I assume that this must be an oversight and not intentional.  Does Adobe have any plans to issue an update to address this problem in the very near future?




      (Otherwise, very happy with PSE 11.)

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          MichelBParis Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          As a matter of fact, alphabetical sort is never useful if you generally ignore the folder view and use the normal thumbnail view and tags and categories. If you don't rename your files (like most users), alphabetical and date order are the same. I can imagine why that has not been considered important by Adobe when they changed the old buggy folder view.

          What they have most probably overlooked is that many users  rely on folder view and that some rename all their pictures, especially those scanning many pictures.

          So there has been already a number of posts about that problem and Adobe must be now aware of the problem.

          I have already reported that and suggested that they create an option for alphabetical sort in albums, for captions as well as filename. That does not seem a big deal to implement for the next version. I believe that such a sort in the normal folder view (not in albums) would be trickier to implement without risking new bugs.

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            neeraj chaudhary Adobe Employee



            This feature- sort images by "filename" is availiable in PSE 12.