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    After Effects Crashes When Rendering


      So I'm trying to create a video. It was originally 35 or so minutes long, but I reduced it to approximately 32 minutes. Everything was fine yesterday morning about 24 hours ago, and it rendered (yesterday morning) but without audio. So I started fixing audio and adding other things to make it better and I was done, so I saved it under a separate name, and started to render it. After it rendered, the video was choppy so I reduced the size from 1080p to 720p and lowered the frame rate to 30 and the audio to 44k Hz and it was rendering fine until a certain point and it stopped responding. I cleared my cache and tried again, and it would crash every time I clicked render. Convinced it was the file, I opened the initial file from yesterday morning that rendered fine, in order to clear suspicions, but even that one crashed on render! So now my After Effects cannot render a single file at all. It keeps on crashing, even though I have ample HDD space and RAM.


      This is my build:

      Core i7 3770k 3.5GHz

      16GB 1866MHz Vengeance RAM (2 x 8GB)

      Z77 Sabertooth motherboard

      ATI Radeon 7970 3GB DDR5 Graphics Card

      750W OCZ ModXstream power supply

      3TB (split into 2TB (games) and 1TB (videos and pictures) paritions)

      128GB Crucial M4 SSD (for OS and other things)


      The output render is set to always output the final render to B: drive

      Initially the cache was set to the C: drive which is my SSD and I feared for the space but worked with it anyway. When my SSD got down to 17GB i cleared Cache and still all my renders failed.

      I tried moving the Cache to my B: drive (1TB partition here I keep all my videos) which has over 600GB free and that made After Effects slow, so I moved the cache back to the C: drive.

      I put the video output back to the B: drive (which is where it was when it successfully rendered yesterday morning)

      So all my settings were back to normal, but After effects keeps crashing on render.

      It uses 60% of my RAM, which is still not causing it to bottleneck so I dont know what the problem is. Rendering worked fine 24 hours ago, but crahses every time now.


      What do I do?