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    flex 4.6 mobile FileFilter in android....


      hi everybody...


      i have create one application in flex 4.6 for android...but i have problem with FileFilter in android don't read file .txt or pdf...this is my code:


      private var fileTesti:File = new File();

      private var filterTesto:FileFilter = new FileFilter("Text", "*.txt;");


      protected function linkText(event:MouseEvent):void {

                                              fileTesti.addEventListener(Event.SELECT, onFileSelectText);



      private function onFileSelectText(event:Event):void {

                                              fileTesti.removeEventListener(Event.SELECT, onFileSelectText);





      the problem is in selected file...if write:

      private var filterTesto:FileFilter = new FileFilter("Mp3", "*.mp3;");

      no problem....but i have try to write this code:


      private var filterTesto:FileFilter = new FileFilter("Text", "*.*;");

      with this code, android select only files audio, image and video....


      hot to do?????


      help me please!!!!


      i can't finish my application with problem....