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    Leigh-a Level 1

      I just upgraded from CS5 to CS6, and I get a "strange" occurrence in which a portion of the right side of the Bridge interface, where 2/3s of  the area of the METADATA/KEYWORDS are no longer visible, & the Window or Page "under" it shows through.


      EXAMPLE:  In Photoshop, the lower, right half of my interface has the History Palette.  When I "switch" to Bridge, though the Preview "Window" in the top right remains in tact, the Photoshop History Pallete is "covering" the right 2\3s of the METADATA panel.


      It occurs with any "page" below the Bridge interface; for example with the Bridge Forum web page open, the portiion that depicts "Top Participants" etc. covers the Bridge METADATA panel.


      I tried taking a screen shot but the problem "went away" in the screen shot interface.