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    Exporting a multipage InDesign document to single page PDFs but with unique filenames using scripts




      I'm using InDesign 5.5.


      My goal is to export a multipage InDesign file into single page PDFs but each single PDF must be uniquely named.


      For example;





      ...and so on.


      I've spent a great deal of time searching online and the closest I have found is  software called Output Factory which works fine.


      The way Output Factory works is by placing a script label within a textframe on the master page in InDesign. Then whatever is typed into the text frame on each the separate pages defines the file name of each separate page.


      However if I can solve this problem without any investment costs my boss will be very happy


      I found PEU5 which works great for exporting into single pages, it's now a case of naming each single PDF but I know nothing how about to create a script but I get the gist of what they do. My understanding is that a script could solve the second half of my problem.


      Can anyone help?