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    Not getting my sources listed with fdb

    cmyck Level 1
      I am trying to get fdb working with a little test project.

      From using "help run" with fdb I found this:
      On the Macintosh, the only supported form of the command is 'run' with no
      arguments. You must then manually launch the Flash player.

      So I compile the swf with the debug=true option, type run in the running fdb and then open the swf in the standalone debug player.
      I get:
      fdb) run
      Waiting for Player to connect
      Player connected; session starting.
      Set breakpoints and then type 'continue' to resume the session.
      [SWF] Volumes:Work:Jobs:Sichtwerk other:SWAdmin Project:SWAdmin:bin:SWAdmin.swf - 420,100 bytes after decompression

      Now, I am supposed to set some breakpoints. If I then use "info files" I get some list but my class Test.as isn't listed nor is anything contained in SWAdmin.mxml.

      Any pointers in the right direction would be appreciated.