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    After Effects  Ae dynamic Link Error


      I was just trying to open after effects and it did not respond.I was using AE since a week.The error never came before.

      First of all After Effects starts after five minutes after clicking on it.It first hangs on "Initializing Mediacore" and then it crashes on "Cleaning Up AeDynamicLink".

      I have searched on Google.I found nothing, so thought to post a thread.

      I have checked for any virus or malware.I have cleaned the registry.I have performed a clean re-install of after effects.

      And it also doesn't detects Quicktime.


      Look at the video for more details- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vE4-tTzmIQk


      My PC -After Effects CS5.5,6

                  Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

                  Intel Core i5 Quad Core

                  4gb Ram

                  500gb Hard Disk


      I tried what was here -http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/multi/startup-screen-hangs-premiere-after.html

      But that didn't work.


      I deleted the prefs file as i have seen in some posts but it also didn't work.I copied QT dlls in After effects folder but that didn't work either.I shutted down the firewalls and antiviruses but no change.

      I have re-installed , rebooted , made new accounts but nothing worked.


      Please Help !


      Additional Information


      In addition I have problem with executables (exe's). They do not start at one click, I have to click them again and again and again.They start normally at safe mode.I thougt to tell this if it could help.

      And there's no problem with the registry as some exe's start fine.


      When I click Run as Administrator , it says you do nat have proper permissions to access but I am the only administrator and there is no other account.


      Here is a list of Programs installed on my computer accept Adobe Programs :-Error.jpg