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      Wondering if you can help a n00b ...

      I'm trying to make life easier for myself by loading swf's into empty containers within individual scenes - when I preview the individual scenes - it works - the movie loads and all is good. When I preview the full project it plays the first scene (which has embedded video) but then ignores the next three scenes and starts the movie off again! Any ideas?

      I am very new to this and have hit the ground running but need all the help i can get!
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          there's no problem with your code IF carcrime exists at the time that loadClip statement is executed and your path/file name are correct.

          when one scene follows another, nothing placed on-stage in the authoring environment in the previous scene will be on-stage in the next scene, unless you again place it on-stage in the authoring environment.
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            MrHargest Level 1
            As I said, when I test the individual scenes, they play fine - but when I publish the entire swf/exe the first scene plays and then the next three are completely ignored - I've tried debug and the movie does go through all the scenes - but the container seems to be ignored.

            It plays each scene but doesn't play the loaded swf's - VERY strange.

            Thanks for the reply.
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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              post a link to your fla if you can't resolve the issue. specify the location of the first problem.