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    Difference between Email and Email Service




      I see 2 components in my app server, one is com.adobe.idp.dsc.provider.service.email.Email with name as Email:1.0 . I guess this is to set default email endpoint properties which could be used in every email endpoint. Am i right?


      Second one which i see is com.adobe.livecycle.Email named as EmailService:1.0 which has some operation like sendWithDocument, receive etc.


      So what's the basic difference b/w these 2 services. Even as per help docs we should use one email address for one email endpoint , so if we provide one email address in Email:1.0 service then how this line is justified, because then one inbox will be common for all email endpoints???

      Also why do we have to provide same properties for connection settings in EmailService operations when we have already set these things in Email:1.0.


      Next question is why do we use Complete Task service?? is it required to send notifications to user on submission/completion of his request OR is it required so that user could also submit/complete his form via email???


      I am very much confused with all this stuff


      Also i need to ask if in what happens when we have output of service as a map of attachment or list of attachment, suppose my service takes one word and one excel document and converts them to pdf, so o/p would be 2 pdf's , so will Complete Task automatically sends these 2 docs to sender or do we have to use sendWithDocument operation for doing this?


      Can anyone elaborate and explain me in detail..


      Thanks in advance.





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