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    Control Movieclip symbol from main time line.


      I am new to AS3. So what I have done is create 3 buttons on the main timeline, each button will goto a framelabel/keyframe. This all works, however in that keyframe I have a movie symbol with an FLV video embedded in it. I want to hit a button on the main timeline, goto that keyframe and the movie plays. So far this works, the problem is I want to stop the movie when I slect a different button. If I select a differnt button the movie keeps playing and if I hit that same but and go back t the movie, then the movie starts playing and I have 2 instances playing at the same time. I tried to search here, but I can't seem to find anything like what I am doing.Untitled-2.jpg

      So here is the main timeline, I have 3 buttons on the menu layer, and separte content on each of the 3 frames at the label points.


      As you can see I have a flv video embedded into a symbol (type Movie Clip), so when I select button 2 it goes and plays the movie, however when I select either button 1 or 3 to change the placement, the movie keeps playing in the background, (I can hear the audio), was hoping someone can tell me how to add code to stop this when I select a different button Below is my code I have now,


      Here you can see that the video is embedded in the movieclip. I am doing this because I want to have only 1 file, I do not want an external file. I am trying to create a mobile app, so want only 1 file.


      Any help help is greatly appriciated.