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    buying a monochrome postscript printer

    GSIDesign Level 1


      I'm looking for inexpensive monochrome postscript printer. I spent a lot of time searching for reviews, feedback and choices but I can't find comprehensive sources of information about this.

      The printer will be used mostly for printing my daughter's student assignments. However I'm also a graphic designer and on occasions I would use it to hard proof the detail appearance of fine text and graphics but on the other hand I have enough experience with how it outputs in print shops and I have a lot of printed samples of various fonts in different sizes so, with this and my experience I think I can even get away without a home printer but my daughter needs it and if it doesn't cost much more to use it for my needs too it will be nice to have it. I used to have for more than a decade a 1200x1200 post script laser printer that died several months ago and I haven't been current to what's available now.


      I will greatly appreciate any links, pointers, and advice.