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    How can a Text Field Property, set to Phone number, be converted?

    Jim MacD Level 1

      Want to convert a TEXT FIELD PROPERTY, with a FORMAT category of SPECIAL - Phone Number, so that each digit can be moved to a separate field.


      //I tried sending the information to an array, but null characters are returned

      //sample of what I tried, where 'phone number' was assigned a value of '2345678901'

      var homephoneno = this.getField("phone number").value;


      //below, displays the number '2345678901'

      app.alert("homephoneno --> " + homephoneno,1);


      //below, returns a null character - I want individual numbers and below am trying to strip the number '2'

      app.alert("homephoneno[0] --> " + homephoneno[0], 1);
      //---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------


      Any help would be welcomed - Thanks in advance.