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    FB 4.7 cannot locate the required version of Adobe Flash Player


      The problem arises when I use the HTML wrapper to launch the app. By default in the Project Properties (Project / Properties / ActionScript Compiler / HTML wrapper), “Generate HTML wrapper file” is checked. I try to run FB 4.7 projects:


      /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/Flash Player.plugin

      Flash Builder cannot locate the required debugger version of Adobe Flash Player. You might need to install the debugger version of the Flash Player or reinstall Flash Builder.


      I've installed the debugger version of the Flash Player. Didn't work. I've reinstalled Flash Builder. Didn't work. I tried using Safari instead of Firefox. Didn't work. When I go to Macintosh HD/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/ in the finder, I can see Flash Player.plugin right there. But when I go to Username/Library/Internet Plug-Ins the entire folder is blank. So I tried copying Flash Player.plugin to the latter folder. Didn't work.


      System requirements:

      OS X 10.8.2

      Flash Builder 4.7 Premium

      Flash Player Debugger 11.5.502.110


      Anyone know how to fix this?

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          Gaius Coffey Level 2

          Not certain about this, but it sounds a lot like the issues that occur with IE on 64 bit (until you've messed around) or on Chrome generally, or on MaxThon (until you've deleted a file from the core installation).


          Simply; there is a conflict with the Flash Plugins that you have installed.


          You may have installed the debugger plugin, but there is another, non-debugger, plugin that is being chosen by preference. This may be an automatically installed one (as per Chrome), a more appropriate one (64-bit debugger didn't exist at the time I encountered the issue and probably still doesn't, so IE used the 64-bit non-debugger until I uninstalled it), just silly (as per the MaxThon default package that forces their fast mode to use an older plugin due to a frankly quite strange development decision) or just an install conflict (installing a newer plugin that overwrites or blocks the debugger from being used, which is I think what is happening to you).


          When you have Flash launched in your browser, right-click and check it is the correct debugger version.

          - If it is, then check that your launch path matches the output directory. (I have encountered an issue where a developer was outputting to bin-debug, but testing against bin-release before... Debugger couldn't connect because there was nothing to connect to.)

          - If it isn't, which I suspect is more likely, then try uninstalling Flash plugin generally until you get a clean setup and then reinstall the debugger.