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    video recognition

    adiabatic Level 1

      I am creating projectors that contain movies from both a camcorder and animated mathematical plots.  The Mac that I create them on lists them both as QuickTime movies.  And they both play as expected on the Mac in a Director movie.


      However, when I play the Director file on a Windows desktop the camcorder movies are listed as "MOV" files and play as expected BUT only a control bar appears for the animated plots which is inactive and the Type of file is listed as "File".  The Windows computer does have a QuickTime player.


      So what needs to be done so that a Windows computer will play  a computer generated QuickTime movie plot the way a Mac does?


      (I am in the process of converting MX2004 files to MX11.5.)



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          rduane Level 1

          When you say "are listed as", you mean by the operating system?  Do the file names have a three letter extension, such as ".mov"?


          Can you open and play the movies in QuickTime Player on Windows?  Perhaps you are using a codec that is not available on the PC.  If so, you may need to re-encode them (good choice = the codec that the movies that are working are using).