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    Empty TOC KindleGen/ ePub Incorrect nesting level error

    Any Less

      Neither is a question but hopefully a solution for anyone who has been going through hell (like me) trying to get a working TOC for mobi and ePub files.

      I have INDD CS6, Kindle Plugin installed - but I think this also applies to earlier versions of Indd


      For Mobi (kindle) - If you got your TOC set via the Layout menu and still don't see the Table of Contents menu in Kindle Previewer- make sure to go to your PARAGRAPH STYLE - EXPORT TAGGING and UNCHECK!!! SPLIT DOCUMENTS (it even says there ePUB only).  I also  suggest you do it for all Paragraph styles you are using in your MOBI file. Kindle previewer no longer gave me an error and I can see both of my TOC's  now - that said this took me several weekends and countless nervous breakdowns to figure out.....


      For ePub incorrect nesting level - this happened to me due to the fact that I have used 2 levels for my TOC (some of you may use even 3 or 4)

      To get rid of the error I had to edit the TOC style and change the levels for both my "included paragraph styles" (the ones you add to the left column) to LEVEL 1 - yes for BOTH. I say this again - SET ALL all included paragraph styles levels to digit 1 (ONE).


      I think this is a serious bug Adobe really should fix asap -  I truly wasted several weekends on this, pulled all my remaining hair out and had suicidal (and other very violent)  thoughts ...


      I hope this post will help all of you who is dealing with either of those problems....


      Happy ePublishing everyone