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    Project settings and presets

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          I just got the premiere 11 program,  I have uploaded previously 60+ videos to youtube using movie maker.  I uploaded a 7 minutes premiere 11 video fine but it willnot let me upload one that is 18 minutes.  I think I need to convert the adobe project file to something youtube will accept???? Help  Sam

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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            OK... go to YouTube Help http://www.google.com/support/youtube/ and read about what YT will accept

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              As John says, YouTube does have a running time limit. We can't help you get around that.


              But have you tried outputting your file and then manually loading it to YouTube, per the FAQs to the right of this forum.


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                Art@Lieberclark.com Level 1

                BUT, YouTube will allow you to extend the length of videos that it will accept.  I am allowed to upload very long videos, but APE won't let me!  APE should not be enforcing YouTube rules that APE doesn't know about.  That's quit frustrating. 

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Historically, this has happened a few times. YouTube decides on a scheme, and PrE is written around that, then released. At a point, after PrE was released, YouTube changes things, like extended accounts, that did not exist, when PrE was being written. This has been going on for a long time.


                  Once, just getting output for YouTube was difficult, as they changed what they needed, and what they did with the footage, with great regularity. It was like playing football, but with moving goalposts.


                  When something new, like extended accounts, is introduced, until the next version of PrE, the only workaround to accommodate those YouTube changes, is just as Steve recommends.


                  Good luck,



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                    WYOMINGWOODTURNER Level 1


                    Thanks for the reply.  Here is a bit of additional information.  I am a

                    youtube partner, which means I can upload videos longer than 15 minutes.  I

                    have done this many times with windows movie maker.  Perhaps when I try

                    this with adobe premiere 11, the program applies this 15 minute YT

                    guideline on my videos.  ????

                    I Don't  have a better answer, not being totally versed in this aspect of


                    Thanks Again

                    Sam Angelo

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Yes, the direct upload to YouTube, from PrE will be the old Duration limitation. Just follow Steve's suggetions for manually outputting your video, then manually upload via your account, to YouTube.


                      Maybe PrE 12 will fully accommodate extended YouTube accounts - unless YouTube ups THAT Duration?


                      Good luck,



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                        WYOMINGWOODTURNER Level 1

                        Thanks, I will do a test vid and try it.  Sam

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                          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

                          It has not yet been mentioned that there is are output presets for both YouTube and Vimeo in PrE 11.  I've used them and they work well.


                          Publish+Share > Computer > AVCHD > Select YouTube from the Presets "drop down" menu (toward the bottom of the list).  Then select a folder and save the YouTube optimized file.  It can be of any length.  Last, use the YouTube uploader at YouTube.


                          It does not appear that starting with AVCHD video is required.  I tested it with some old .avi clips and is seems to work.



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                            WYOMINGWOODTURNER Level 1

                            Thanks   I will try this


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                              Art@Lieberclark.com Level 1

                              Hey, terrific!  I see it in version 10, also.  THANKS!

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                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                You are most welcome.


                                Happy editing,



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                                  Does this program work with footage shot in 60 fps???? And if so how do I change the settings for this?

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                                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                                    What version of Premiere Elements do you have and on what computer operating system is it running?


                                    If you want a 60 fps upload to YouTube, best export your Timeline to a file with that frame rate, saving it to a hard drive save location and then upload that video at the YouTube web site. The YouTube presets in Premiere Elements...Online/YouTube are not adjustable and do not include a frame rate of 60 frames per second.


                                    If you had Premiere Elements 11, for your file, you would check out Publish+Share/Computer/AVCHD/YouTube Widescreen HD and adjust the exporting setting under the Advanced Button/Video Tab.


                                    But, please make sure that you have setup the project correctly before any export.


                                    Answer are in details so please detail for a less generalized answer.





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                                      jdm11 Level 1

                                      Thank you for the response.


                                      I've downloaded a trial version of Premier Elements 11. I plan to purchase

                                      and edit with the program in the near future, however I want to test it out

                                      before doing so.


                                      I am not concerned about uploading to youtube in 60 fps.


                                      My main concern is that when I shoot footage in 60 fps on my dslr, will it

                                      import into Premier 11 at 60 fps?  When I was testing and editing some

                                      footage shot in 60 fps in Elements, it looked to be playing back at a rate

                                      of 30 fps. At 30 fps my footage loses the smoothness and quality that it

                                      was shot in.


                                      I guess my main question/s would be, how do I set up a new project to

                                      import, edit and export in 60 fps?


                                      If Premier Elements 11 does not have the ability to do so, I may have to

                                      pass on purchasing the program because I will loose one of my cameras best



                                      Look forward to hearing back! Thank you!

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                                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                                        Thanks for the follow up.


                                        Premiere Elements 11 is set up to take charge of recognizing the properties of your source media and setting the project preset whose description matches it so that the program can be directed to set up the correct space in the Edit Mode Monitor for Editing purposes. The project preset has other purposes but for now we will leave it at this. The program sets the project preset based on the properties of the first video drag to the Timeline. I work in the Expert view Timeline since I can see better what is going on and thus have more control.


                                        Sometimes the program does an OK job setting the project preset, sometimes not.


                                        What is the frame size of your video @ 60 progressive frames per second? For now I will asssume 1920 x 1080 (1080p in this case). You can determine what the program is setting for you by viewing Edit Menu/Project Settings/General and look at the Editing Mode, Timebase, and Frame Size reading. If 1080p60, you should see Editing Mode = AVCHD 1080p square pixel, Timebase = 59.94 frames/second, and Frame Size = 1920 x 1080.


                                        If you do not see that, then you start a new project...

                                        File Menu



                                        and, in the new project dialog, you set for NTSC/AVCHD/AVCHD 1080p60, making sure that you put a check mark next to Force Selected Project Setting on the Project.


                                        At this point, you use Add Media/Files and Folders to get you 1080p into Project Assets from where you drag it to the Timeline.


                                        When you are ready to export, take a look at Publish+Share/Computer/AVCHD with preset = MP4 - H.264 1920 x 1080p30.

                                        Then under the Advanced Button/Video Tab and Audio Tab of the preset, you change the setting as shown in the following screenshot so that you end up with your 1920 x 1080 @ 60 progressive frames per second as AVCHD.mp4.



                                        Video Tab Settings

                                        export setting.JPG

                                        The important part of that Export Setting dialog is there.


                                        Please let us know if you are OK with those results.





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                                          nealeh Level 5

                                          jdm11 wrote:


                                          I've downloaded a trial version of Premier Elements 11. I plan to purchase and edit with the program in the near future,


                                          Historically Adobe have released a new version of Premiere Elements around September/October, so you might want to wait a month or so before purchasing.


                                          Although of course past events are no guarantee that the same will happen this year.


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