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    Quality Issue when viewing in PrE 11 Editor


      Hi. I have looked at other threads but am confused.  I have imported some video clips into the PrE 11 Editor. When I play them through the Editor they are fuzzy/pixellated. When I play them though the Organiser the quality is much better.  What is the reason for this?  Is it something I have done?

      The video was taken with a Canon Legria FS22 camera. Image is SD quality not HD.  It was imported as DV PAL 25 frames per second.  Frame size 720x576.   The manual says the camera is using MPEG-2 compression.

      The PC has 64bit with 8.00G RAM. Operating system is Windows 7 Professional incl SP1.  Chip is Intel-R i5 -3330  operating at 3GHz.

      The videos were imported using get Media with the Videos from FLIP or Camera Option