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    Creating NTSC DVD from PAL VHS input


      I have a PAL VHS tape that I have just captured in AVI format using a Canopus ADVC-55 bridge.  The settings I used in PE10 were DV PAL (as I am in Australia).  I am now going to produce a DVD of the footage for use in Australia, but I also need to send a copy to my cousin in the USA, where they use NTSC.  The whole PAL/NTSC process confuses me somewhat and I would appreciate some guidance.


      1. If I create a PAL DVD for viewing here, is it right that it won't play in a DVD player in the USA?  If it won't, can I create a DVD with output settings NTSC even though the input setting was PAL?


      2.  If I don't create a playable DVD as output, but instead just create an MPEG file and burn the MPEG file to a DVD to be read on a PC, will it read on a PC in the USA?


      3.  Should I recapture the footage, setting the ADVC-55 to NTSC (rather than PAL), and the project settings to DV NTSC?  I have tried this and it seems to work, much to my surprise, as I thought the VHS tape itself was in PAL format and hence would not capture with NTSC settings. 

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Although most PAL DVD players will play NTSC video -- you are correct that virtually no US NTSC DVD players can play PAL video. And that's true whether you burn a DVD file or an MPEG to a disc. It's a different aspect ratio, resolution and frame rate.


          But you can use Share/Computer/AVI with the NTSC DV preset to output an NTSC DV file of your project. Then you can start up an NTSC DV project, load that file into it and burn an NTSC DVD from that.


          It won't be perfect. But the program does to a pretty good job of interpretting your video from one format to another.