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    New D7000 with CS4




      I have Windows Vista 64bit with CS4, just purchased a Nikon D7000. Now my RAW files won't load into CS4, it says the files is not compatable. but they will load into my Lightroom 3. also using my old Nikon D80 worked fine in both Lightroon and CS4 using RAW files.  please help.

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          Your camera was unleashed after the release of CS4, which is why it doesn't understand its Raw format. Actually, it was made after the release of CS5, but CS5 users were able to update their Camera Raw to support the D7000 from version 6.3. No updates were provided for CS4 after Camera Raw 5.7. This is Adobe policy with older versions of Photoshop.


          However, all is not lost. You can download Adobe's latest 'DNG Converter' program for free (currently version 7.2). This progam can be used to convert your D7000's NEF files to DNG files, which can be opened by any version of Photoshop CS. It's a pain, but it's free.


          Alternatively, you can use Lightroom 3.3+ to convert your D7000 Raw files, and edit them in Photoshop CS4.


          Finally, you could always complain to Nikon for creating a new Raw format for every camera they release, and ask them to support DNG in future, though you may be wasting your breath