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    Value of TblHFSeparation out of range

    4everJang Community Member

      Hi all,


      While producing scripts that convert FM files to MIF to be sent for translation, the console is now showing the above error message. I have no idea what this means and what I could do to make them disappear (which setting of which table does this point at ?). Anyone ?





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          Bob Niland (Error 7103) Community Member

          I'm going to guess that this is not about color seps, but about separator rules in tables.


          I'd start at:

          Click in table.

          Table > Table Designer > Ruling > Heading and Footing Ruling > Separators:


          You might need to also use:

          Table > Custom Ruling and Shading [Show Current Settings]

          to discover just what is "out of range", and at this point I'm out of guesses.


          Stroke weight greater than page height might do the trick