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    Flash Component into Flex


      Hi, everybody~

      I'm practicing on make a component with Flash(actually, a simple animating MovieClip symbol for the test) which could be used in Flex. I checked the documents on the web, however there was also a problem. I did like this:

      I copied the swc file which generated by Flash into libs path of the flex project. Then the swc class could be displayed and chose in the code hint. I made an instance of that class, and addElement(i) - i for instance for example. Then I received a compile time error said that the instance was not a type of IVisualElement. So I trace(i is MovieClip, i is UIMovieClip, i is FlexMovieClip, i is UIComponent) and returned 1 true and 3 falses.

      Was The problem in Flash or in Flex? I had no idea on fix this. Can anybody help?