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    PE 9 - Why is my exported file larger than the source?




      I am new to Adobe Premier Elements 9. I have a Digital Video Recorder connected to my television. It produces MPEG-2 TS VIDEO FILEs. I want to import these into PE9 and just cut out the ads.


      I tried with a source file that is 1GB in size. I imported it and removed the ads but when I export it using Share > Computer and select settings that mimic the source I stll end up with a 3.7GB file. I thought it should be smaller that 1GB because the video is now about 5 minutes shorter.


      In my Export settings I chose:

      Multiplexer: TS

      Audio: Left it untouched




      Basic Video Settings:

      Quality = 4

      Everything else set to Automatic (based on source)

      Render at Maximum Depth left unchecked


      Bitrate Settings:

      Encoding: VBR, 1 Pass

      Bitrate Level - Custom

      Min, Target and Max all set to 15


      GOP Settings:

      M Frames: 3

      N Frames: 12


      Is my DVR better at encoding/compressing video that PE9 or are my export setting wrong? Shouldn't the exported file be less that 1GB?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          A file is more than just its content. There is the compression system (codec), quality level, bit rate, etc. Even the brand of codec can make a difference.


          It's pretty much impossible to get the same video size out as you put in. (Well, unless you're working with DV-AVIs, which are compressed at a fixed rate.)

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            As Steve points out, there are two parameters, that affect File Size:





            With a fixed Duration, the only way to adjust File Size is lower the Bit-Rate (lower Bit-Rate = smaller File Size, but at the expense of quality.


            Now, some CODEC's will allow one to use a lower Bit-Rate, but still retain perceived quality, better than some others, but it is still the Bit-Rate, that affects the File Size.


            Some Export/CODEC options will list the Bit-Rate directly, and MB/sec., where others will instead have a "quality" setting, and the Bit-Rate's MB/sec. will not be directly shown, but will relate to some quality setting.


            One major consideration is what is to be done with the resulting output file. If it is to be used for additional editing, then I feel that File Size is not a big issue, as I want the ultimate quality. If one is delivering the output file, then there are many considerations, from the platform of the recipient's computer, to the player being used, to the necessary quality of the file.


            Good luck,