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    eBook opens in DE, but doesn't appear in listing




      I've just downloaded Rogue's Pawn ebook. It's ePub format and it downloads and opens fine in my copy of Digital Editions, but it doesn't appear in the Library View meaning I can't copy it to my device (kobo eReader).

      I've downloaded plenty of other books from the same shop (BooksonBoard) and have never had a problem in the past.


      Any ideas what might be causing the problem?


      I'm running Windows 7, and I have version 1.7 of DE.


      Thanks for the help


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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          You can download an ebook to ADE two ways.  When the process is about to

          transfer the ebook to your computer, you are asked whether to OPEN or SAVE

          the ebook.  If you choose/chose OPEN, then ADE will transfer the ebook and

          open it in Reading mode.  If you choose/chose SAVE, then ADE will transfer

          the ebook and register it in the Library, so you can see it in Library mode.


          You can get ADE to register an ebook you downloaded via OPEN.  Just use

          your computer utilities to find the title of the ebook, which is probably

          in the Digital Editions library.  Then, open ADE in Library mode.  Hover

          your cursor over the small arrow next to the word 'Library' in the status

          line, and a drop-down menu will appear.  Choose 'Add Item To Library' from

          that menu, and go from there.


          Hope this helps!