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    Unable to Record an Application

      I am unable to record a sequal server based application, Elite. I go through my full recording but only the first screen is captured. If I try to record the project manually, Captivate captures perhaps 2 out of 15 slides. In addition, it does not recognize the End key to end a recording. I have tried changing to other keys, but it does not appear to recognize any keystroke. Has anyone run into this and if so, any solutions? BTW, I have no problem recording other applications (i.e., Word, Outlook, Softwise, etc.) Thanks.
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          macrofireball Level 3
          Hi Donna,

          Welcome to our community. I am very sorry to hear that you haven't been able to capture screen from your SQL Server based application - Elite. Whilst I have no knowledge of this application nor can think of any reasons why Captivate wouldn't be able to capture from this app, I can make one suggestion.

          If you are a local area network, it might be worth asking your network administrator if you could connect to the server running Elite via Windows built-in Remote Desktop Connection. This would mean that you would install Captivate on a separate machine, RDC into the server running your application and grab your screens remotely.

          I have used this technical on numerous occasions with great success, though I must state that you'll have to press the PrintScreen key to ensure that you capture all your screens successfully.

          Lastly, if you can spare the time it would also be very useful if you could report the capture issue you have encountered with Elite to the Captivate team using the Adobe Captivate Feature Request/Bug Report Form


          Regards - Mark