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    Weird Neat Video behavior



      this is really weird and I'm clueless...

      I'm working on a 90 min project that has ~800 clips. The 3D timeline editing of the 11 cameras is done in Edius and the separate L and R files then get transferred to AE for the final processing. Neat Video filtering is one the most important steps in the effects chain. When I modified something in the Edius project, I re-exported the new L/R files, replaced the footage in AE and continued to work with the latest version of the source files. Everything went smoothly until now, when I noticed that the same Neat Video settings which have been untouched for hundreds of clips for many days, started to produce a much more aggressive effect as before (the typical plastic-like textures with over-sharpened edges that you must be familiar with if you experimented with NV settings).


      The quality of the source footage is definitely the same as before (I checked in Edius and made sure that both previous and recent L/R exports look identical to the original raw material I see in the multitrack project).


      It looks as if there was something that has a global effect on Neat Video's behavior and would make it much more sensitive to the adjustments. I would absolutely hate to redo the settings for over 800 clips, so I'd appreciate any ideas on what could potentially cause this.


      Thanks of any input.