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    Problem rendering whole project




      My Adobe Afther Effects CS6 will only render part of my project. My project is about 6 min long, but Afther Effects only renders about 3:20min of my project when I tell it to render it. It dosent stopp rendering or give me an error message, but seems to belive the project is only 3:20 min long (says the total length is 3:20 when it starts the render and finishes the render as if it was only 3:20).


      I am rendering to H.264 with best settings and running a 1,3GHZ dual processor with 4GB RAM on a 64bit system.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Check your framerate settings in teh footage interpretation, the comp settings and the output module settings. You are introducing a maismatch somewhere.



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            knuthoem Level 1



            Thank you very much for your reply. As far as I can tell the inputt video I have (From GoPro Hero2) is 29 fps, the comp setting says its 25 fps and I belive the fps for H.264 format is 25 fps aswell. I have timed a lot of my transitions to the music and that all works fine on the 3:20 min long video that actually renders out.


            Could this problem have anything to do with to little RAM or Cache space?