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    Will SSD increase save speed?

    An Elephant Community Member

      Since I save quite often and ctrl+s is my very best friend, It's kinda painful to wait for every saving when the file is quite heavy. So, I'm thinking of getting a SSD. Will SSD help reduce saving time?

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          Mylenium MVP




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            MW Design MVP

            To tag onto Mylenium's post...If you do install an SSD for installing your applications to (starting disk-intensive applications is where any speed gains are noticeable and usable), make sure to have a conventional, but fast, disk-drive installed for the data. And for applications like Illy and PhotoShop, make sure the scratch disk is set to the conventional drive and make sure your temp folder is on the conventional drive as well and that the computer and any applications that use a temp folder are configured to use it.


            Take care, Mike

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              Wade_Zimmerman Community Member

              Would you guys agree that the chaeracteristic  that seems to incrrease save time is the Cache buffer fo the drive that is if you have an old drive with a 8 or 16MB cache  then they are going to save much slower than a modern one with 64MB cache?


              I found that this one characteristic seems to increase save time and results in betteer performance as a strach disk in both Illustrator and Photshop.


              Do either of you agree?

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                MW Design MVP



                A large buffer cache is a must for the write operation. It can hold onto a lot of data and write when the drive is otherwise not as busy doing other operations. Still, ideally the data drive is seperate from the application drive.


                At least for PS, a ram disk for the scratch drive is pretty cool. But it has been a long time since I set one up (last one was back with PS6 I think). And I tend to work on larger and larger files as the years go by and so it would take a computer with a whole heck of a lot of ram in order to set one up.


                I am still not sold on SSD drives. I have one designer friend who I trust not to exagerate his experience and he recently got a new computer and has an SSD for the applications. Installation, he says, was a long, drawn out affair. But he believes it was worth it. Maybe my next desktop will have one.


                Take care, Mike

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                  An Elephant Community Member

                  Thank everyone for replying. I've been using ramdisk as scratch disk anyway. I might upgrade my cpu(and possibly buy SSD) then.

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                    ThomasBB Community Member

                    It's our experience that an SSD definitely improves both saving time and generel performance in Illustrator. But it does depend on the file-size though. If the file is very small, the difference is neglible.

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                      Mike Gondek2 MVP

                      Have you saved as and turned off save as PDF compatible?

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                        An Elephant Community Member

                        I did. It's just files being heavy.