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    Moving Countries




      I haven't installed ADE at the moment for the following reason.


      I have read on MobileRead forum that your ADE account records your country based on your IP address, and if you are in another country, you get an interminable "connecting " message then a timeout when trying to download a e-book you purchased or are borrowing from the library.  I am planning to move from Canada to UK in a couple months, so I am a bit reluctant to sign up and have this problem occur.  The solution suggested on that forum if you move countries was to contact ADE and have the registered country changed in the records.


      I would like to register now, as I would like to borrow books from the local library here in Canada before I leave, but I don't want problems when I move to the UK either.


      So my question is: Does ADE realise this is an issue?  and  What is the process to have the country of residence changed?