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      In the past few days I have been trying to make a video in Ae, with a duration of 20 sec. I finally finished with the editing, but now I have a rendering problem.


      I rendered this project in the last few hours, about 8 times, trying to find the best format. I tryed .AVI few times with different settings (stock settings too), then .vmw (or .wmv , I am not really sure because I deleted the files), all of these (first 7 tryes) were really laggy, in some the colours were extremly awful, in some the colours were right. 8th try was the .FLV format, which does not lag at all (I have to say that I am extremly surprised), but the colours are not the ones I expected (like in the preview, which I mention, works perfectly, as the final movie should work too), the whole video is whitened, it has a tent of white, a really slight one. I encountered this type of problem when I was editing my gameplay videos (in Camtasia) , but it all seem to vanish after uploading the video to youtube, it was all right, but since now I do not want to upload it to youtube, but to present it in class (so I will open it with VLC/BSPlayer).


      note: This happens when I play it in BSPlayer / WIN8 64 bit. - adobe ae cs6