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    Automatic Numbering Format Problem

    Bobgraphics101 Level 1

      I Have been using automatic numbering for some time (Figure 1, Figure 2, Figure 3, etc)  Now all of a sudden, my numbering format, not the text "Figure" only the numbers, have changed to superscript , and I can't seem to do anything about it.  My numbering code is (Figure ^#).  I am using IDCS6.

      Any ideas on this anomaly?




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          Bobgraphics101 Level 1

          Out of desperation, and after I found other generic numbers exhibiting the same anomaly, I went looking into every option on every pallette, and I stumbled upon the cause of the "superscript" appearance.

          Under CHARACTER\dropdown menu\Open Type\Fractions was selected.  How or why that affects all numbers, and how the option got selected in the first place, is beyond me.  I had never gone into that parameter before.  Never knew it was there.

          Funny thing is, I been working on this document for about a month, and then this anomaly just magically appears.  Well, I guess the good part is that it forced me to look at and test a majority of the options that I never use.