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    Over 2 Hours To Export a 10 Minute Video Even With Other Editing Software


      Hi, I am having a problem with EVERY edititing software I have used. Recently that is. Anyway heres the deal. I got a new computer and it has been an amazing PC. It has a sticker on the front that says HD video editing as in it supports it. Which it very well does. Within the last couple weeks, I have had problems with editing my videos. I usually render 5 to 15 minute videos since I do YouTube. That would take between 10 and 30 minutes. Now, these videos are taking almost 3 hours give or take just to finish rendering. I have no idea why. It all started when I changed the settings in MSCONFIG to have maximum memory. I restarted my PC and got a hardware error. So I went into safe mode and undid what I had done. I also took out the RAM, and CPU to see if that was a problem. I then put it back in of course. I don't know every knick and cranny of Adobe premiere so please be very descriptive. I also remember that I was having trouble with the fan of my CPU. I couldn't get it to lock back down on the mother board. Could that be a problem? It isn't lock in on all 4 parts. Only 2 I believe. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.