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    how can i back reference to page items from xml elements?




      I am trying to add coordinates of the page items to their associated xml elements as xml attributes.


      I can easily create xml elements using




      Now, i want to iterate through the xml document and find the coordinates of each associated page item and  then add  them to the corresponding xml node as attributes.


      That is, i am trying a code (assuming all xml nodes as the children of the root for simplicity) as follows:


      for( var i=0; i<myRootXMLElement.xmlElements.length; i++) {

           var myElement=myRootXMLElement.xmlElements.item(i);

           var myElementsPageItem= ****** could not find a proper function/reference from documents ******

           var myBounds=myElementsPageItem.visibleBounds;

           addORupdate( myElement, 'y1', myBounds[0]);

           addORupdate( myElement, 'x1', myBounds[1]);

           addORupdate( myElement, 'y2', myBounds[2]);

           addORupdate( myElement, 'x2', myBounds[3]);



      At my sample document all xml elements that is created by mapStylesToXMLTags() are of type story.

      So i need a way to refer to the corresponding page item (or rectangle) of the story so that i can add the coordinate information to xml element as attributes.


      Many thanks...