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    No Batch menu in Bridge (Photoshop CS6)


      I've installed and reinstalled Photoshop CS6 and but continue to have no Photoshop/Batch menu in Bridge as I did in CS5.


      Windows 7. CS6 is an upgrade.  I've been living with it as I see a lot of others have the same problem with no answer that I can find.


      Is there a solution???




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          Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If I recall with CS5, the external app commands were part of a script. So Bridge needs to be aware of photoshop. I am assuming when you upgraded you uninstalled CS5 first then installed CS6. If you did the reverse, it could cause issues when you uninstall CS5, especially with file extension.

          If Bridge CS6 is seeing Photoshop CS6 and you don't see the batch command, then perhaps it can not find the script. Or the permission is not high enough for Bridge to alter the config file to include the script.


          The above are only suggestions as I do not have CS6 yet and can not verify.

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            TerriStone Adobe Employee

            Hi. Because the forum you originally posted in is for beginners trying to learn the basics of Photoshop, I moved your question to the Bridge forum.

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              Curt Y Level 7

              If you don't see the Photoshop commands of batch and others you need to click on edit/preferences/startup scripts and make sure you at least have checkmarks for Bridge and Photoshop.

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                HarryPutnam Level 1

                I'm having the reverse problem.  CS6 Bridge sees all the stuff under Tools/photoshop:


                But CS5 Bridge does not.   So looking into it a bit I see the scripts directory here:

                c:/Users/harry/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/Bridge CS5\Startup Scripts

                Is empty.


                Preferences/Startup Scripts shows:

                [X] Adobe After effects CS5

                [X] Adobe Bridge CS5

                [X] Adobe Device Central CS5

                [X] Adobe Output Module


                And there appears to be no way (In that dialog screen) to add any



                However here:

                c:/Users/harry/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/Bridge CS6

                There is nothing under the directory:

                c:/Users/harry/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/Bridge CS6\Startup Scripts\


                and yet CS6 apparently sees scripts somewhere since it has a fair number of entries at Tools/photoshop, including the Batch image processor.


                At at Preferences/Startup Scripts there is an extensive list of scripts listed.


                Is there a way to make CS5 bridge See the scirpts for Photoshop CS6? Or at least to send a selected bunch of files to PS CS6 Image processor?

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                  Curt Y Level 7

                  My CS5 roaming has one script that I put there.  In CS6 I have no scripts there as I have added nothing.


                  THe startup scripts in preferences are default scripts so applications can talk to one another.  It is unlikely you can get different versions to talk to each other.


                  If you want to send files from CS5 Bridge to CS6 image processor you can contact http://forums.adobe.com/community/bridge/bridge_scripting and see if some one can write a script to do that.  I know zero about scripting.

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                    I have check marks by all the scripts, but when I open the scripts directory, it's entirely empty -- no scripts at all.


                    And, still no Batch Menu in Bridge.

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                      Curt Y Level 7

                      The scripts directory in the ROAMING location is for OPTIONAL scripts you have loaded.  If you have no custom scripts loaded you will have nothing there.  THe scripts in EDIT/PREFERENCES are default scripts for programs to communicate with each other.  Place check mark for programs you have.


                      You can try resetting prefernces by holding down the ctrl key and starting Bridge.  You should get a reset windown with 3 options.  Choose all 3.


                      If that does not bring back the batch and imagae processor image then I suggest you uninstall and reinstall CS6.

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                        BravoQwest Level 1

                        Thank you Curt!!!


                        I forgot all about the Ctrl Re-Start.  That did it.


                        Every couple of years I seem to need that and go through this process of rediscovery.


                        Thanks all for the help!