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    Photo using Export Frame is squished

    brainstewn Level 1

      ... Versus the original size or dimensions that is displayed.  I'm using a 1080p .mts file from a Canon M31.  The end result of exporting the frame from the montior is squished -- probably 5X4 or 10X8, how do I change the snapshot size?

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Usually this occurs when the media is actually 1440 x 1080 using non-square pixels.  PP knows how to 'unsquish' the clip so it looks normal, but most photo views don't.

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            Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Export the frame as 1920x1080 square pixel with AME instead of the snapshot button.

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              brainstewn Level 1

              Below is a step by step guide with pictures so keep scrolling.  You'll have to figure out how to apply these steps with other software.


              The easiet solution is offered by Ann Bens.  Here is a screen shot of how I used the AME.  Make sure you UNCHECK export sequence and format to jpg or tiff.


              001 Export frame to jpg settings.jpg


              Its quicker to use the export frame button on the monitor but if your going to use the end product as a still then you have to spend the same or more time fixing it; the AME is the best solution.  Here is how to fix a jpg using photoshop.


              STEP 1 - you'll see this window upon opening the file exported from PPro in PS.

              002 pixel correction.jpg

              STEP 2 - You'll see a widescreen picture but ...


              003 convert non-square to square.jpg

              once you uncheck "pixel aspect ratio correction" you see it looks squished

              003a uncheck correction.jpg

              STEP 3 you'll want to resize it in the following sequence


              Change the pixels from 72 to 300

              004a convert non-square to square.jpg

              B. Change the width to either 10 or 5


              004b convert non-square to square.jpg


              C. UNCHECK "constrain proportions" and change the dimension to 1920 Wide and 1080 Height


              004c convert non-square to square.jpg

              Now save the file and its ready to use in most other software and for use with online services like Costco's photo books and printers.