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    RoboHelp Activation Servers

      Dear RoboHelp Support and Bruce Chizen

      I want to know if the Activation Servers go down or disappear like they did last week? Is our Company 5 copies of RoboHelp Worthless? unable to be installed because you don't know how to fix a server for a week? I Want to be able to Active my machines whenever I need to, We paid for the software and if you can't keep your end of the deal up, I want a Unlocked Version of RoboHelp!! Becasue If Your servers disappear my investment is useless. You need to be commited to RoboHelp or turn off the activation in Robohelp. It doesn't appear that you are commited to Robohelp I never see anyone from Adobe post in the forums. Outside of the post that says we still support and develop it, Show us that you care.

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          You clearly know some background about RoboHelp's history by your reference to "Outside of the post that says we still support and develop it".

          You should therefore be aware that this is the first time this problem has arisen. Also your investment was not "useless" as you put it because it would only have been an issue if the servers had been down for more than seven days AND you needed to reinstall all your copies during such a period.

          It sounds more like you just want to knock RoboHelp because of some history. If you read things more closely you would have seen that Adobe have come on the scene and changed the policy so that RoboHelp is now to be developed further. It will however be some time before we see tangible evidence in the form of the upgrade. You would also have seen the statement at the foot of all posts saying "Important Note: These online forums are for user-to-user discussions of Adobe products, and are not an official customer support channel for Adobe. If you require direct assistance, or prefer to contact Adobe support staff directly, please contact Adobe support. " So if you want to take this up with Adobe, there is no point in posting here.

          Be clear that the Adobe Community Expert logo you see against my name does not mean I work for Adobe. I am just a user of their products.