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    replace all footage with different format

    lostmile Level 1

      Hi All,


      So I am aware about like changing some files by like renamming or moving the folder and opening the project and then pointing it to the new directory/whatever and that works great.


      I am helping out a friend who does sound who's client is a mess and I need to figure out a fast way to fix this.


      Long story short the poor kid shot on a redcam but had everything converted to .mov 720x480 files and edited in premiere elements. Well... The sound guy can't get an OMF from there so I took everything and imported it into premiere pro and started fixing a couple bits up and exported the OMF. Now I found out that the kid still has the R3D files. so I would like to replace every .mov and .mp4 file in this project to the r3d of the same name with just the r3d extension.

      Meaning when I tried to move the other files and start replacing i had to manually locate each r3d and that would take forever...

      I want to change the files to the much better quality ones, setup a proper sequence, keep his edits, and then speedgrade it for him but I am not willing to invest the time of manually replacing each file.


      any ideaS?